CSE Crucial Pillars

Hi Everyone,

I got an opportunity to speak and share my thoughts and experience on Computer Science whole as a Roadmap to my Juniors.

When this invitation arrived.. I was in a dilemma of :- How to Summarise CS as a whole in a deliverable of 15-20 mins..

Here’s what I summarised for the Building minds: Computer Science Engineering Journey can be presented to everyone in 3 important and key pillars :

  • Theoretical Computer Science

  • Competitive Programming (CP)

  • Development

Let’s have a quick look in these:

Theoretical Computer Science:

Theoretical computer science helps us to understand the nature, working of the computers. How these have been evolved through many years and still expanding. This study has helped me a lot to connect dots of multiple technologies to solve a complex problem.

Competitive Programming:

Competitive Programming is a pillar which is undoubtedly helping us to solve complex logic building, understand the way to best deliver to the Computers and gives us the knowledge of using and creating different computer algorithms.


Engineering is all about making People life more easy and liveable by solving maximum problems with scientific and logical smart ways and that’s where you get into a Domain for development. Do you think Google have been Google if it didn’t have applications like Google maps for example, Used by Ola, Zomato, Swiggy, Uber, etc.

These have been the basics of Computer Science for years but as we all know that it is never the same and every decade has their add-ons to these.

Bachelors won’t teach you that, It’s who you know your Product and working towards the Chain you have dreamt for that Product to run.

Yes, This is Entrepreneurship. It is not only about the Technical Knowledge that we use to create a product, In fact the real world issue starts when you start working on creating the loop chain for the product to be successful.

The one who made the product may not be the one who could create presence of the product in Market, But it’s more important to find right team working towards same goal with consistency to sustain the profitability with increase in the value of the product.

These being everyone’s Golden years, We can work on all these and explore all these to experience real Computer Science Engineering.

I hope this read help solve maximum questions.

I am thankful for the Opportunity to be Alumni Guest Speaker for JECRC Orientation Program.

Happy Learning Everyone!!