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POS Android app to initiate transactions


October 11, 2021



A POS Android app that communicate with the underlying ACI’s eSocket.POS component via Socket programming. Messages are sent and received in XML format using the JAXB framework. Making JAXB compatible for Android was a major challenge.

  • ACI

    Socket Communication

    App communicates with underlying eSocket.POS via sockets.
  • ACI


    Login using username & password
  • ACI


    Initiate new Purchase, MOTO transaction
  • ACI

    Purchase transaction

    Add purchase items, and initiate a new transaction
  • ACI

    MOTO transaction

    Initiate a new MOTO transaction
  • ACI

    Reset initial password

    Initial dummy password to be reset when first opened.
  • ACI

    Dynamic theming

    App logo & color can be configured when setting up the app.
  • ACI

    Admin Panel

    All admin features at one place.
  • ACI

    Add user

    Easily add new users.
  • ACI

    Maintain user

    Configure user action restrictions.
  • ACI

    Maintain user

    Configure the actions user can perform.
  • ACI

    Reset password

    Superuser can reset user password
  • ACI

    Delete user

    Superuser can delete a user


Android, Kotlin, Jetpack Compose, ApacheMina, Socket Programming, JAXB