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JU eezy is a platform for students to ease campus life and showcase their problem solving skills. (JU = JECRC University, Jaipur)




College life streamlined


September 5, 2017


Students used to ask for Food Menu, Notes, Classroom location on WhatsApp groups. We observed this problem & took it as a challenge. On solving these problems, we found another huge problem existing in our university. It's that existing clubs didn't focus on practical real-world problem solving skills & teamwork. There was no community.


We developed an Android app with solution to problems students face in their daily campus life. Like Campus Guide, Mess Food Menu, Study Material etc. For the bigger no community & no teamwork problem, we started our own community. And this is what gave birth to The Streamliners.


Problems solved

Following are the features of the JU eezy app :

  • JU eezy

    Homepage that looks promising

    Everyday help available at your fingertips
  • JU eezy

    Campus Guide

    View entire floor map of any building
  • JU eezy

    Search across the campus

    You can easily search indoor location of any classroom, lab, office etc.
  • JU eezy

    Search by Faculty's name

    Get faculty cabin's location by searching with faculty's name
  • JU eezy

    Room description

    View alternate names, faculty details etc. for each room
  • JU eezy

    Filter map

    Narrow down floor map by selecting categories that matter to you
  • JU eezy

    Share indoor location

    Share any room location via unique links
  • JU eezy


    Search from 100s of notes available of B.Tech CSE
  • JU eezy


    Search for previous year question papers
  • JU eezy

    Minimal file size

    Our PDFs size is very low so they're available within a second
  • JU eezy

    PDF Viewer

    Read notes etc. within the app
  • JU eezy

    Contacts Directory

    Get contact details of any faculty by search
  • JU eezy

    Mess Food Menu

    Get to know the mess Food Menu before it's cooked
  • JU eezy

    Customised ERP Access

    Frustrated by repeated sign in to ERP? No more now! Get ERP Access with one time login
  • JU eezy

    Auto ERP Access

    Need to enter year & sem again and again? No more now! It gets selected automatically
  • JU eezy


    Get customised notifications based on your profile
  • JU eezy


    Get useful information/notice right on your homepage
  • JU eezy

    Menu notifications

    Get timely notifications for Mess Food Menu
  • JU eezy

    Time suitable to you

    Get notifications when you want
  • JU eezy

    Donate us

    If you like our work, help us buy a cup of coffee
  • JU eezy

    Pass Fail Detector

    Get your result before it's officially announced. Also, get to know how much to score for safe zone
  • JU eezy

    Your profile

    Create your university profile
  • JU eezy

    Stationery Shop info

    Get to know if stationery is open/closed in the app. Also, get it's contact details
  • JU eezy

    Help like no other

    Found a Problem? Report effortlessly!

This app isn’t built overnight. It has evolved overtime. Have a look where it comes from :

JU eezy Archive

Admin app

Following is a sneak peek into the Admin panel of JU eezy app :

  • JU eezy Admin

    Mess Admin

    Mess Food Menu gets uploaded from here
  • JU eezy Admin

    Powerful Notifications Panel

    Customised notifications are sent from here
  • JU eezy Admin

    Notification buttons

    We can define what actions you can perform from notification
  • JU eezy Admin

    Study Material Admin

    Study Material gets uploaded from here
  • JU eezy Admin

    Campus Guide Editor

    Maps are updated from here
  • JU eezy Admin

    Contacts Editor

    Contacts are added from here
  • JU eezy Admin

    All in one

    The Admin panel along with Dev panel is available in a single app

Where it all began

We started with an Android app having some basic features like providing Mess’s Food Menu or helping you navigate across the campus. Since then, we never stopped. Our app has evolved. Not only app, we have developed a Google Action as well. Our team also grew. We welcome anyone who has passion to create something that is actually used by thousands & millions of people daily.

Please note that we are not some sort of service providers. We are coders who believe in building something useful. We build experience. We provide a platform where students can come and showcase their talent or skills.

Everything started with just a simple problem faced on the very first day of college. Finding the LT was a headache. That wasn’t the only problem. We saw how mess admins struggled writing menu on white boards. Yeah, those were the days we came from. And we changed that! And that’s it. We faced problems and solved them using technology so that others don’t have to face them. But this doesn’t mean other students just keep enjoying our efforts. Others are supposed to find out where they can fit in, in our team. Try to find out how you (student) can help make this campus a better place so that you can change the world in future.

Is it only about Android?

We don’t want to stick to app only. Our motive is to develop the skills in you (student). Whether it be app development, web development, AR, VR, ML, AI or any technology you can implement to solve problems faced by millions daily.


The numbers

There can’t a bigger achievement than the satisfaction that usage of the solution gives. Numbers are our motivation. And they speak for themselves :

JU eezy

Quota exceeded

During December 2019, we released Study Material feature. It’s usage hiked overnight in such a way that Firebase’s Free quota exceeded! And our app stopped working. We optimized our app & fixed it within 24 hrs. That peak looked like this:

JU eezy


JU eezy gave us vision. It’s JU eezy from which the idea of LocatIN & The Streamliners came.

JU eezy


JU eezy