Other Apps


Smart Podium

  • Smart Podium is an IOT based app used to control electrical appliances in the classroom.

  • We developed this app during JU Rhythm Hackathon 2019.

  • We WON the Hackathon.

  • Along with the powerful backend & APIs, the app stood up because of its UI & animations. Have a look :

  • Download the dummy app here and see the animations yourself. (Username/Password = q)

  • Watch a video illustrating how the app works here.


  • ClinMD is a startup that solves a problem faced by doctors - maintaining prescriptions.

  • ClinMD already had an app based on Firebase. They wanted us to shift the backend to their own REST API.

  • Using ClinMD, doctors write prescriptions by ClinMD’s Bluetooth enabled pen. In real-time, that prescription gets written digitally on the Doctors smartphone. These prescriptions can then be saved for quick go through in future.

  • Watch a video illustrating how the system works here.


  • Bupp is a noise level tracking app.

  • Honking may not seem a big problem at a glance. But it is, unnecessary honking at public places can lead to multiple problems.

  • Bupp app records noise levels and displays them in the form of heatmap.

  • A very dedicated person from Pune approached us with this honking problem. He wanted that honking at public places must be minimised. He was (might still be) willing to go at any depth for solving this problem.

  • We got an opportunity to solve this problem. We built the first prototype for him.