Byaaz Book

Byaaz (Interest) Book helps in calculating interest, manage bill, clients & transactions.


CM Soni


Interest calculation made easy


March 5, 2021


Our client is from Rajasthan ( Dholpur district ). He is goldsmith and lends money to people on interest, but due to many ( aprox. 1000 ) Client he need to maintain everything in Book and some people pay their Interest after 2 to 5 years so he was having a terrible experience.


We developed an app which solved this issue permanently and now he can do whatever he was dreaming about to do and he decided to make this Personal app public for everyone so Everyone can enjoy.


Major features of the app are :

  • Byaaz Book

    Interest Calculator

    You can calculate the interest in two different ways i.e. Simple Interest and Compound interest, based on your preference.
  • Byaaz Book

    Backup & Restore

    You can backup your whole data of customers and their transactions, with just one click. Byaaj Book gives you the flexibility to restore the whole content of the app.
  • Byaaz Book

    Fully Dynamic

    You can edit the customers, bills, and transactions, by long tapping on them.
  • Byaaz Book

    Settle the Payment

    If the borrower decides to p ay due before the tenure, then you can also settle a particular bill with this feature.
  • Byaaz Book


    User can easily search via Name, Mobile No or Place
  • Byaaz Book


    Get Reminder for Dues.

Other highlights

Interest Book

  • Interest Book :- Byaaj Book lets you manage your customers and their bills without any hassle.

  • Ads Free :- Right now Byaaj Book ( Interest Book ) in Fully Advertisement Free app.

  • Offline Mode & Multilingual :- You won’t need an internet connection to use this app, as it can operate fully on offline mode. Byaaj Book ( Interest Book ) supports two languages, one is English, and another one is Hindi.