Ambika Parts

Ambika Parts is a lottery & online business app


Ambika Parts, Alote (MP)


Lottery & Business management


January 4, 2021


Ambika Auto parts is a shop in Alote (MP). The shop owner wanted to digitalise their work, maintain and increase their sales.


We created an app which help users to view shop Timing, Showcase Item, can win lottery and can win luxurious item by coin system. Also we created admin app which help him to maintain everything like Bills, Collection of Shop, Coin system, Users, Showcase item, Shop timing etc.


Ambika Parts consists of 2 apps, one for users and one for Admin.

User app

Following are the major features of the user app :

  • Ambika Parts

    Slideshow on Main page

    Using slideshow, admin can notiy his users of Main service or Information/Notice that he wants to deliver
  • Ambika Parts

    Shop Status & Timing

    Users can check whether the shop is closed or open and how much time is left to open/close
  • Ambika Parts

    Lottery System

    To increase user Engagement this app provides weekly Lottery
  • Ambika Parts

    Lottery System

    Users get notified of new lottery
  • Ambika Parts

    Coin system

    To increase sales, this app provides virtual coins on offline shopping which indeed gives prize
  • Ambika Parts

    Showcase Gallery

    This feature helps owner to show important items to their users

Admin app

Following is how the Admin Dashboard app looks like :

  • Ambika Parts Admin

    Everything under control

    Admin can Manage all the things available on user side
  • Ambika Parts Admin

    My khata

    Admin can manage all Bills & Collection of shop Digitally.
  • Ambika Parts Admin


    Admin can maintain all Client Attendance as well their salary
  • Ambika Parts Admin

    Lottery Control

    Admin can also draw Lottery and add prize and winner Image
  • Ambika Parts Admin

    Coin system

    Here Admin can distributed virtual coins to the users