VFresh is an e-commerce application that allows users to buy groceries, fruits & vegetables online.


Mr. Suresh Suthar, Barmer




October 11, 2020


COVID pandemic had badly hit businesses across the globe. Small businesses of small towns are no exception. Shops were closed due to a nation-wide lockdown. In such a situation a shopkeeper from Barmer (RAJ) approached us to develop an e-commerce application.


We developed an easy to use e-commerce system consisting of 3 android apps - Admin, User & Agent. With the help of this app, the client was able to deliver daily essentials to the nearby local people in need. At the same time, he was also able to run a business in these challenging times.



Following is a video walk-through of the VFresh eCom Platform :

You can try out the platform :

You can request the Admin app access by contacting us.

Admin app

Features of Admin app :

  • VFresh


    Admin app provides all the powers in a single app
  • VFresh

    Manage Categories

    Admin can organize item in categories. Categories are fully dynamic and can be edited anytime, anywhere.
  • VFresh

    Sub categories

    Within a category, there can be any number of sub categories
  • VFresh

    Product Management

    Admin can manage products within the app
  • VFresh

    Add/Edit product

    Admin can add/edit products. Two types of products are supported - Weigh based & Variants based.
  • VFresh

    Agent Management

    Admin can enable/disable agents in real-time. Their reports can also be accessed.
  • VFresh


    Variables make the app very flexible. Admin can edit these anytime, anywhere
  • VFresh

    User Promocode Generator

    Admin can generate user specific promo codes which can be applied on a category, sub category or even a single product!

User app

Features of User app :

  • Homepage

    Simple yet dynamic homepage listing recent offers, top categories & top deals.
  • Sub categories

    Browse through multiple sub categories
  • Multiple Filter

    Filter & view products based on multiple sub categories
  • Search

    Search products with ease.
  • Cart

    Delete items from cart as needed. Get suggestion for FREE delivery.
  • Get discounts

    Apply Agent/Admin promocode to avail discount
  • Joining Bonus

    Get joining bonus which can then be used to avail discount
  • Referrals

    Share referral code and earn coins

Agent app

Features of Agent app :

  • Agent Promocode

    Agent can share promocode with users
  • Report

    Agent can view his collectio i.e. no. of orders placed by applying his promocode

Client wanted a system to promote his business. For this, he introduced agents. Agents will simply share their unique promocodes with users. Users while purchasing, will get discount by applying agent’s promocodes.

But the challenge here was : The promocode needs to be expired after 3 days i.e. every Agent will get a new promocode at intervals of 3 days. So, shared promocodes expires after a maximum of 3 days.

It may sound simple but trust me it isn’t. We used Firebase Firestore as a backend for this app. We wanted to reduce server Read-Write requests whenever :

  • Agent promocode gets refreshed

  • Validating promocode when User applies it

In short we wanted a promocode system which could run without (or minimal) the need of communicating with the server.

Read more details about the promocodes problem here

After much brainstorming, we finally solved this problem with minimal server requests.